A taxicab service charges a flat fee of $7 plus an additional $1.25 per mile driven. Show the relationship between the total cost and the number of miles driven. Which variable is independent, and which is dependent? Write an equation to model the relationship, and make a table to show the cost of 4 to 10 miles.

Accepted Solution

Answer with Step-by-step explanation:We are given that Flat fee of taxicab=$7Cost of one mile=$1.251.We have to show that relationship between total cost and the number of miles driven.2.We have to find independent variable and dependent variable 3.We have to write an equation to model the relationship and make a  table to show the cost of 4 to 10 miles.1.Let x be the number of miles driven by taxicab and total cost y of taxicab.According to question[tex]y=1.25x+7[/tex]This is a relation between number of miles drive and total cost.2. Independent variable : It is that variable which does not depend on value of another variable .Dependent variable : it is that variable which depend on value of  another variable.We can see that y depend on x and value of x does not depend on  any value.Therefore, y is dependent variable and x is independent variable.Substitute x=4 then we get [tex]y=1.25(4)+7=[/tex]$12Substitute x=5 then  get [tex]y=1.25(5)+7=[/tex]$13.25[tex]y=1.25(6)+7=[/tex]\$14.5[tex]y=1.25(7)+7=[/tex]$15.75[tex]y=1.25(8)+7=[/tex]$17[tex]y=1.25(9)+7=[/tex]$18.25[tex]y=1.25(10)+7=[/tex]$19.5