at a schoolnumber of boys : number of girls = 11 : 9there are 124 MORE boys than girlswork out the total number of students at the school

Accepted Solution

Answer:i thinkStep-by-step explanation:Let the ratio of number of boys to the number of girls be x:ySo, x : y = 11 : 9Cross multiplying the above equation, we get (Equation 1)Now, there are 124 more boys than the girls.So, x= 124+y (Equation 2)Substituting the value of x from equation 2 in equation 1, we gety = 558The number of girls are 558.Since, the number of boys are 124 more than the number of girls.So, Number of boys (x) = 558 + 124 = 682Total number of students = Number of girls + Number of boys= 558 + 682= 1240 students.There are total 1240 students in a school.