find the area and perimeter of a rectangle with a width of 2 1/3inch and a length of 5 2/5inches. show your work please.

Accepted Solution

Area: If you multiply 2 1/3 by 5 2/5, you get an answer of about: 12.6, which means the area is about: 12.6in. squared.
Perimeter: If you add 2 1/3+ 2 1/3+ 5 2/5+ 5 2/5 you get an answer of about: 15.47. So, the perimeter is about 15.47in.

Note: If you aren't allowed to use a calculator on this test, you should probably multiply the numbers yourself so you get show the work and get the answer in a fraction, which is probably what they want. If you are allowed to use calculators, all the information you need is right here.