Please help me with 3 math questions!!! I will give 30 points and brainliest to whoever answers the best! 1. Write the inverse function for the function, ƒ(x) = 1/2x + 4. Then, find the value of ƒ -1(4). Type your answers in the box.ƒ -1(x) = (answer) x (answer)(answer) ƒ -1(4) = (answer) 2. Match each function with the expression representing its inverse function. Match one of the numbers with the correct letter. 1. y = x - 42. g(x) = -0.5x3. k(x) = x 4. p(x) = x + 45. h(x) = 4x 6. ƒ(x) = x/2 a. 2xb. x + 4 c. x - 4 d. -2x e. 0.25x f. x 3. The graph of a function g is shown below.Find its inverse.(picture below, my answer is NOT correct)

Accepted Solution

to find inverse, switch x and f(x) and solve for the new f(x), the new f(x) is the inverse. 
original function: f(x)=(1/2)x+4
switch: x=(1/2)f(x)+4
f(x)=2x-8, this is the answer for question 1

answer for question 2: 1-b, 2-d, 3-f, 4-c, 5-e, 6-a

question 3
From the given graph, we know the slope is 2/5, the y intercept is -2, so the original function is f(x)=(2/5)x-2
switch x and f(x): x=(2/5)f(x)-2
solve for f(x): (2/5)f(x)=x+2
multiply both side by 5/2: f(x)=(5/2)x+5,
so the second choice is the correct answer.