Which expressions are equivalent to 5p+3p+(-9)5p+3p+(βˆ’9)5, p, plus, 3, p, plus, (, minus, 9, )? Choose all answers that apply: (Choice A) A 8p+98p+98, p, plus, 9 (Choice B) B 3(p+(-3))+5p3(p+(βˆ’3))+5p3, (, p, plus, (, minus, 3, ), ), plus, 5, p (Choice C) C None of the above

Accepted Solution

Answer:Option B.Step-by-step explanation:The given expression is[tex]5p+3p+(-9)[/tex]We need to find an expression which is equivalent to the given expression.Combine like terms.[tex](5p+3p)-9[/tex][tex]8p-9[/tex]The simplified form of given expression is 8p-9. So, option A is incorrect.In option B, the given expression [tex]3(p+(-3))+5p[/tex][tex]3(p-3)+5p[/tex]Using distributive property, we get[tex]3p-9+5p[/tex]Combined liker terms.[tex](5p+3p)-9[/tex][tex]8p-9[/tex]It is same as the simplified form of given expression.Therefore, the expression 3(p+(-3))+5p is equivalent to the given expression and correct option is B.